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  • The Brand X Method™ Sunday, May 31st 2015

    10 leg pull to Samson stretch
    1:00 bottom of squat
    10 spiderman lunges
    10 trunk rotations with 45# bar
    10 bandy good mornings

    Clean tekkers
    Platform work
    30 minutes to work up to a one rep max

    Used 10-5-3-1-1-1 rep scheme
    205# (PC) 

    Nothing amazing, but a PR nonetheless. 

    Downward dog
    Upward dog
    Child's pose
  • The Brand X Method™ Saturday June 6 2015

    Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

    3x 6:00 -> yes
    50 m fanny kickers
    50 m high knee skip
    50 m jog
    50 m accelerating run
    10 pogos
    10 walking lunges

    8-10:00 -> after the workout
    Barefoot running technique practice 10-15m

    Advanced and Intermediate
    4 x 
    400 M all out runs 
    4:00 rest between

    time: 1:11 / 1:15 / 1:23 / 1:27
    School track. Need to figure out how to approach this distance. Run out of gas at about 200m.
    First round was tough. Was ready to die after the second one. After the fourth one was not sure for about 10 minutes whether I was still alive or not.

    400m walk on the grass, 400m jog on the track

    Calf stretch -> 1 min each
    Pigeon -> 1 min each

  • The Brand X Method™ Saturday June 6 2015

    Saturday, June 6

    Warm up
    1:00 bottom of squat
    10 spiderman lunges
    10 inchworm pushups
    10 pass through with PVC

    Burgener warm up with PVC

    20:00 of
    Snatch Tekkers using 35-45% of your one rep. Working on perfect positioning. Don’t get bored, hammer the technique

    Not sure what my one-rep max is.  Worked on first/second pulls independently as well as snatch balance.

    3 rounds
    10 Perfect snatches with resets
    100 m overhead carry

    Advanced - 95

    That was fun.  It was nice to work on snatch skill.  People giving us a lot of odd looks during the carries. 

  • Wednesday, July 4, 2018

    Coronado 5k race
    22:19 PR, 2nd AG