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Is there any way to edit a post after posting it?  I.e. I misstated something in my workout and I want to correct.  Any way of doing that?


  • edited June 2015
    I had intended that people be able to edit posts and comments for 15 minutes after they've made them (5 for newbies introducing themselves so that spammers couldn't launch stuff by sneaking it in as an edit of a "clean" post), but on checking I see that I didn't allow that. Should be in place now. That only affects posts made from here on of course.

    So as it stands, no.
    Going forward, yes, for 15 minutes.

    I wanted this very badly on the old forum where we had people getting in arguments and editing their posts to nullify the points made by the other party. This way you get the chance to deal with the "Spotted my typo just as I clicked the post button" thing, but the options for revisionist editing of posts to make someone look better a e limited.

    And, spammers can't make ordinary looking posts and then go back and convert them into something  we don't want here.
  • Works for me!  Thanks Metric.
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