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I have some questions to those of you that follow the Brand X Method programming, but not on the day it is released. How do you do it? What I mean is, do you delay a week or a month and then simply post on the current day or what? Meaning absolutely no disrespect for Yoda and Metric who post the workouts, but given that 1) I'm fairly new to The Method, 2) I do my workouts at 6 am, 3) I want to benefit the most out the program, I've been at a loss a couple of times when the workouts weren't posted 'til later in the day. Does anybody have any advice on how to be consistent with the workouts at such an early hour of the day?

Thanks for any help on this.



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    I take them in order but fewer workouts per week than the default programming, so I'm a bit behind. Some day in the future I will "skip" a bunch of workouts to avoid being too far behind.

    One way to cope with your situation is to stay exactly one or two days behind.

    Edit: and yes I post in the thread for today if I did the workout today regardless of when it was released.
  • That is our general recommendation.

    Stay a few days or a week or a month behind so that you have that buffer for slack admins not posting and to ask questions, find subs, measure routes, generally sort out logistics.
  • And yes, post in the day you do the workout.
    That's something we arrived at on the old forum, if we didn't close down topics people would dig out workouts from weeks, months or in some cases, years back and post in them. We had dozens of topics on the go and it was impossible to keep up with them.

    In general, figure out a method of tagging your posts so that you can search for them again and find them, if that's a priority. I haven't played much with the search on this forum. HOw effective do you find it?
  • I've used the search on the old forum a couple times and have found it useful. I haven't used it on this one yet; not a lot of history.

    Thanks for the information. I think I will try and figure out how to delay for a week or repeat a week in order to do it that way. It's a great idea.
  • An alternative idea to posting here is to create your own blog.
  • An alternative idea to posting here is to create your own blog.

    If you do that, post both here and in the blog please.
    The nice reason is that people posting workouts keeps the forum alive and fosters community.
    The negative answer is that if someone asks a question about what they should be doing with their training, or asking why they're not progressing, in the first instance we won't answer it. Instead we'll have to ask a  lot of questions about what they've been doing and what their results were.

    We had a problem on the old forum with people signing up and in their first post asking first post what they should do to fix a lack of progress in xxxx. 

    All of the trainers and who give advice here have full time jobs and if there are two people asking questions, one who posts results consistently and one who doesn't, the consistent poster will be easy to answer and the other won't. As a a matter of efficient use of limited time the non-poster may not get an answer.

    Help us to help you is the short version.
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