Posted Workouts?


This question is for planning purposes. When are workouts usually posted? I know you use to post them the night prior or very early morning. Thank you for your assistance and all your hard work.



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    Interesting question.

    At the moment, anything  from 17:00 Ramona time the day before the workout is scheduled for to the next day, ie it's extremely variable. I hope to address that by enabling an option to let us pre-enter a batch of workouts and have them appear at a scheduled time,but that isn't progressing quickly. That functionality is broken and I need to fix it. And as any IT worker will tell you, the hard part is finding out why it's broken. The fix is usually simple.

    Metric said:

    That is our general recommendation.

    Stay a few days or a week or a month behind so that you have that buffer for slack admins not posting and to ask questions, find subs, measure routes, generally sort out logistics.

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