Comment window size

@Metric, is it possible to make the comment window somewhat larger or resizeable? Kinda difficult to eyeball a long post before submitting. As an option, I noticed there is a "Preview" button for the new discussions but not for comments. Either one would make life a bit easier. Thanks.


  • No to both.

    The forum doesn't expose any control over that in the admin tools.

    Adding a preview button would, you would think, be a matter of transplanting that functionality from the discussion code to the comment code, so I'd like to see if that can be done. Altering the size is possibly simpler, but the forum is designed to automatically scale to the size of the device you're viewing it on and that may make a relatively simple size specification compelx to do well.
    The problem is unravelling how Vanilla forums do what they do. They're all modern and cool and make a heck of a lot of use of javascript for ajax based interactions with the server and I'm slowly learning how to develop and debug that.

    If anyone out there is a web developer experienced with ajax and is willing to take pity on me and answer my really dumb questions to get me started, I'd welcome the help.

  • You can edit for 15 minutes after you post, so I just post it and then take a look and change if I need to.
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