Body N characters too long.

Got 'Body N characters too long' message editing my comment and had to trim it. It was not something extraordinary - a regular workout with some comments (with advanced and beginner scaling already removed). This will make it difficult to post.


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    I get this a lot when posting the WODs.

    This will sound daft.
    Unless you really did type a lot, the problem is almost certainly the formatting that is hidden by the WYSYWIG editor.
    Copying and pasting from the web browser will include a lot of extra markup that isn't absolutely necessary. The editor is relatively lean in what it produces, but it will display much more complex markup.

    A fix is to select, copy and delete all of the text in the post you are composing, open the "Paste as Text" window, 2nd to last button from the right on the toolbar and paste it in there. Or, switch to the ShowSource view, far right button and  tidy up the markup. Good luck with that option. 

    BBCODE based forums are clumsy to use, but at least you knew what you were getting.
  • Makes sense to me. Thanks. 

    As a side note, I liked the old forum's platform better, did not bother me at all, did not feel clumsy to use.
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