I'm lost (programming question)

Let's face it--I can't even do beginner level stuff right now.  I'm thinking of starting here (along with walking, starting with 1 mile and increasing from there) and working my way up through these levels to where I can at least do the beginner Brand-X:


First of all, is this a good plan?  If so, should I be doing all of, say, Level 1 every day (3 on, 1 off), or should I break it up over several days, and in what way?

My goals are to develop overall fitness, lose weight (about 80-90lb), and pass an Army PT test for my gender/age (6 pushups/2 min., 29 situps/2 min, 2-mile run in 24:06).


  • Metric?  BigD?  Unforgibbon?  Anyone?
  • In what way doesn't beginner's level in Brandx Method work? Could you do that scaled down even more?

  • In order for me to scale most of the exercises enough, I would be losing most of their range of motion.  I hate to admit it, but I'm simply too deconditioned even for the beginner level.
  • In what way do you lose range of motion? Too heavy? Lacking mobility?
    What kind of exercises are problematic?
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    For example:  I cannot do a full situp (I can get my shoulder blades off the ground), pullup (I can pull myself to my toes), or pushup (not even knee pushups).  Burpees and planks and box jumps are out of the question.  I'm overcoming a knee issue (probably weight-related) and a recent shoulder injury.  I can make attempts at all of the exercises, but cannot make it through even one rep of most of the basic exercises, even with no weights (and believe me, I'm pretty creative when it comes to scaling).
  • There are definitely additional scalings beyond the obvious ones (e.g. using rings, bands, boxes and so on), so you can do something similar to the Brandx method in variety.

    I encourage you to keep looking for ways to scale and I'm sure you will get there. I'm no coach so I really can't give you specific advice, but I think it would be very useful for you to find a coach, even just for an hour or two of instruction.

    Have you made any progress since earlier?

  • Actually, yes.  I've been PMing with some of the experts here and gotten some direction from them.  Now all I need is to find definitions/how-to on the rest of the exercises.  (I see you've already found my thread on that topic.)
  • Great that you've got some help! Keep on going, Rosie!
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