Definitions/how-to help, please!

Help with the following definitions/how-to, please?  (I can guess at some of these, but I would rather be right.)

balance hold (leg in front, leg behind)
chair sit against wall (is that the same as a wall sit and/or wall squat?)
ring row
perfect pushup
roll-up pushup
balance drill
seesaw walk
agility ladder
bandy sidestep (is that the same as a side shuffle? side shuffle up and back?)
back peddle
bottom of squat
Spider-Man stretch
bear crawl square
banded row
downward dog
shoulder distraction
pvc pass through
bandy pull down
mt climber
dot drill
powerball shot
good morning
side step-up
hollow rock
triceps smash
hamstring stretch
child’s pose
couch stretch
magic shoulder trio


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