Issues with the forum


What is happening with this forum? The sorting of posts is very confusing since they isn't ordered by date any more. And I am missing posts (dates) as well. Or is it just me? Please help me to sort this out if I have missed something.




  • They're sorted by most recent comment.  "Recent Discussions" and "All Categories" will have everything, or you can select a specific category (Cheers, Adults, etc.) for all of the messages in that section.
  • OK, thanks. I loved how the old forum was sorted, by workout date, as it made it easier for me to find a special workout or a date to post something. Maybe something that can be added as a future feature? Please :)
  • Vanilla forum doesn't give me control of that.

    There are some techniques that let me alter it, but sorting some categories different than others can only be done using a very hacky technique.
    The only categories where we need that to happen are the WOD(s we'll probably have a teens workout ), the rest it's fine to have them re-order.

    I'll have a play with it one day and in the meantime I'm keeping an eye out in case an update makes it easier to do.
  • Thanks. I know that you can't alter the whole system just for me. It was just and idea. I guess I am getting old and having a hard time learning and adjusting to the new ;) Thanks again,
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