Progressions for situps

Can any of you help me with some progressions for getting myself to the point of being able to do situps (Army-style) again?  I can get my shoulder blades off the ground, but that's it.  I'm hoping for something that will give me the full range of motion of a situp.


  • You could try negative if it's just strength you're lacking. Start at the top and go down like a normal sit-up, but brake and hold your muscles tight on the way down.

    Hollow rocks or dead bugs might work too.
  • Thanks!  I'll give that a try.  What are hollow rocks and dead bugs?
  • În hollow rocks you hold the "hollow" position (on your back, crunch a little, hold core tight and legs tight pointing a little up - the opposite of the arch position) while you rock forward and backward.

    Dead bugs - on your backs tight core and arms straight up plus knees straight up, legs bent 90 degrees. Opposite arm and leg are stretched away from the body while you keep the core tight and back pressed to the floor.
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