Improving balance

I'm doing balance drills on some of the WODs, but my balance is horrible.  How do I improve my balance?  Will that come naturally as I drop the weight, or can/should I be doing something else in addition?


  • It's very individual.

    Possibly the simplest answer is if the cause is weight related, dropping that will help, if it isn't it won't.
    Poor balance can have many causes, lack of proprioception, poor core involvement, middle ear issues, compensation for  injuries, compensation for structural issues and a heap more that I can't think of or don't know about.

    There are people who specialise in rehabilitating balance related issues with a neural or middle ear issue.
    Assuming it's not that, I personally recommend finding a physio therapist trained in Neurokinetic Therapy. That technique is the most comprehensive system of holistic asses method that I'd found to date and they include assessing balance as part of that. They're also big on core recruitment and huge on compensation mechanisms.
    There is a list of people qualified in the technique on their website, which at risk of advertising is;

    If you;re near Brand X, go there, if you can't do that, NKT may be of use.

    And as always, if @Yoda, @Unforgibbon or @BIGD disagree, listen to them.
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