Saturday, May 26, 2018

20 squats
20 walking lunges
20 jumping jacks
200-meter run 

My Pet Rock team workout
1600-meter relay row
800-meter farmer’s carry 
120 air squats 
60 pull-ups
60 push-ups 

Pet rock:  24kg kettlebell/50#-55# dumbbell 

1200-meter relay row
600-meter farmer’s carry 
100 air squats 
50 pull-ups
50 push-ups 

Pet rock:  16kg kettlebell/35#-45# dumbbell 

800-1000-meter relay row
400-meter farmer’s carry 
60 air squats 
30 ring rows
30 push-ups or incline push-ups

Pet rock:  8kg-12kg kettlebell/20#-25## dumbbell 

* Penalty for dropping the rock is an immediate 2 rope climbs or 4 beginner rope climbs each. If this happens on the farmer’s carry you must travel back, do your climbs, then return to where you left off. Partners can switch who carries pet rock at any point.



  • 4 miles including vista Vicente with Joan

    6 rounds

    2 heavy hillbilly prowler passes
    4 x 3 hex bar deadlifts => 25-meter hex bar walk (add weight each round)

    3 rounds bar (100#) 130#, 150#/90#x3

    Take ben to practice (about 15-20 minutes)

    3 rounds 180#, 200#, 210#/105#,115#,125#

    Very broken losing grip last couple rounds

  • w/Big D
    5 rds
    1:00 bandy lat pull-downs
    1:00 p-bar support holds
    1:00 leg lifts over tombstone pad

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